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Image by Lāsma Artmane


Raising Giants

Raising Giants is a youth and young adults platform for the discovery, development and deployment of the next generation of cutting edge and exemplary leaders who are unreserved, unwavering and  uncompromising in their identities, knowledge and conviction of their God (1Tim. 4:12 & Daniel 1:8). The visionary scope of Raising Giants is vast. It is Church beyond walls of JCA Bath and spans across denominations.

Raising Giants was a visionary initiative set up for the next generation of transformational leaders both in the spiritual and financial dimensions in the order of kings, priests, governmental, prophetic and worship dimensions. It was a space developed to raise young people of robust spiritual stature to leverage on whilst shaping their secular worlds of influence for end time kingdom harvest.

Raising Giants was instituted to disciple the next generation of leaders with the mantles and the spirits of just men made perfect like David, Daniel, Joseph, Nehemiah, Mordecai, Deborah, Esther etc who will occupy the 7-mountains of influence to shape and sharpen the spiritual, cultural, business, economical, media, governmental and educational landscape of our time (1 Sam.13:19-22) while they are also committed to the teaching and discipleship of others (2Tim.2:2).

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